Engage, retain and manage best global talent

using virtual workspaces with constant presence and visual collaboration

Total talent management
Total talent management is a strategic set of processes and systems to recruit, develop and manage talent, leading to complete business model transformation.

It is based on the concept of outbraining, created by Paul Kroujiline in 2014 and used by Strategy.Net across multiple strategy projects.

Integrated strategy, management and HR

Complete spectrum of people, locations and processes
totalent.io system

Totalent is an end-to-end system
  • Talent aquisition
  • Talent development
  • Management
  • Collaboration
Direct and cost-effective acquisition of best talent across the globe
  • Direct remote online evaluation removing resume filtering pressure
  • Evaluation process - including deep technical testing, fully simulating real work environment
  • Seamless transition from evaluation into employment
Ongoing talent development and training
  • Based on the same technologies and work practices as recruiting, management and mentoring
  • Enables rapid shaping of required team skills
Remote management and mentoring of geographically dispersed associates and teams
  • Emulating collaborative work environment with constant in-office presence
  • Higher level of supervision, security, and administration
  • Based on company-managed infrastructure
Constant visual collaboration
  • between associales
  • in the whole team
  • real-time multilingual communications
Team collaboration
  • Constant team involvement and interaction
  • One-click collaboration and mentor support/development
  • Real-time and historic performance analysis
  • Evaluation and compensation
  • Development objectives, promotions, terminations
  • Project time and activity tracking and adjustment
  • Team composition, product architecture and strategy
Key benefits
  • Cost reduction across most intellectual/computer-based functions and positions (beyond software development and IT)
  • Caliber and scope of talent acquisition: best talent around the world within a given budget
  • Greater control and monitoring
  • Closer team integration/collaboration
  • Streamlined and more effective management processes, shorter feedback loops
  • Right timing now, given current immigration policy problems
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